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A R PLASTIC MANAGEMENT company is a plastic recycling firm who was invented in 2022 by the afzal malik & reehan malik. both are having 10 + year experience in plastic recycling. it is authorized from spcb/uppcb & cpcb having related compliances. company iso, company authorization, company hazard waste,epr certificate, and green certificates etc. Plastic recycling is the process of collecting, sorting, cleaning, and processing used or discarded plastic materials into new products. Instead of being disposed of as waste, plastics are collected and transformed, either mechanically or chemically, to produce recycled plastic that can be used as raw material for manufacturing new products.



A R plastic recycling company usually engages in the collection, processing,
and recycling of various types of plastic materials. The contents of such a company's operations may include

Plastic Collection

Gathering plastic waste from different sources such as households, businesses, manufacturing units, and recycling centers.


Washing and cleaning the sorted plastic materials to remove contaminants like dirt, labels, and residues.

Shredding or Granulating

Breaking down the cleaned plastic into smaller pieces or granules. This increases the surface area and makes it easier for further processing.


Melting the plastic particles to form a molten mass. Extrusion might be used to shape the melted plastic into pellets or other forms.


Forming the molten plastic into small pellets, which can then be sold to manufacturers for the production of new plastic products.

Quality Control

Ensuring that the recycled plastic meets certain quality standards. This involves testing for factors like purity, strength, and color.


Packaging and distributing the recycled plastic pellets to manufacturers who use them as raw materials in the production of various plastic products.

Environmental Compliance

Adhering to environmental regulations and ensuring that the recycling processes are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.

Sorting and Separation

Sorting collected plastic materials based on their types, colors, and compositions. This step is crucial for effective recycling.

Research and Development

Some recycling companies may also invest in research and development to find innovative ways to improve the efficiency of plastic recycling or develop new products from recycled materials.


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